Grief and Loss


You may be wondering what happened to your life, even though it’s been several months since your loved one passed, and feeling like the challenging emotions will always interfere with your functioning at work, in family settings, and new relationships

I can provide support as you integrate the loss in whatever way is most helpful to you; for some this integration occurs through an opportunity to review the life of your loved one, the high points and the low, the history of your relationship, the circumstances of the death, how your “new life” is different, and how other relationships have been impacted by the loss.

As well as providing grief counseling for individuals and couples, my experience includes facilitating a semi-annual group for those who have lost someone to suicide.

I also facilitate a Motherless Daughters Grief Group in San Francisco.  This is a six-week semi-structured support group focused on:

  • unresolved or unresolvable grief issues
  • the impact of grieving the loss of a complicated relationship
  • subsequent changed family dynamics
  • facing life changes and milestones without a maternal figure: marriage, births, academic or career achievements
  • new relevance and significance of other losses
  • Deborah McNeil, MS, LMFT
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