If you are struggling with parenting issues after your divorce, I can provide some communication tools that will make it easier to manage the practical and emotional challenges of transitioning.  I teach co-parenting skills focused on supporting you as you help your child/children to make a healthy adjustment to their new circumstances.  During this time of change, you may benefit from extra support as you work through your own emotions, at the same time you are protecting your children and assuring them that the break-up is not their fault, that they are loved and  that their futures are secure.  Ideally, both parents will respect a child’s need for a positive connection with each parent and eliminate any pressure to choose sides.

No matter where on the conflict continuum you fall, support and coaching can offer skills to manage conflict and refocus attention onto the long-term goals for your child or children.

  • Deborah McNeil, MS, LMFT
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