Despite being an important aspect of your history, trauma need not define your life story, nor dominate your current and future relationships.  Intrusive memories or ongoing stress – whether environmental, social or relational – can interfere with recovery from trauma. I will help you build adaptive coping skills by collaborating with you to explore, reinforce and leverage your strengths and improve your ability to integrate the trauma into the larger narrative of your life in a balanced way. The aim is not to ignore the trauma, but rather to remove it from the ‘driver’s seat’ of your emotional life.

The effects of trauma vary greatly from person to person, and depend upon a variety of factors – age, resilience, family trauma history, whether the circumstance was an isolated event (car accident, violent crime), or ongoing (violent living conditions).  Because the severity of trauma is subjective, it is important to explore and respect each individual’s unique experience, and to develop suitable clinical responses. I will meet you where you are now, and we will work to move forward from here.

  • Deborah McNeil, MS, LMFT
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